Neil Willman

If you are considering establishing a commercial cheesemaking enterpise or looking to develop your existing business, I may be able to work with you to maximise your potential.

I can also provide technical advice to support existing cheesemakers enhance existing products, develop new products or solve cheesemaking challenges.

Neil Willman to discuss your requirements.

Consultancy Services


 Technical services
  • Technical advice on cheesemaking
  • Recipe formulation to suit equipment and plant
  • Troubleshooting for manufacturing problems
  • Regular performance and product appraisal.
  • Development of systems and processes (eg storage and maturing)
  • Cheese Grading and sensory evaluation services
  • Advice on staffing levels  

Factory design services

  • Existing sites: Inspection, selection and suitability advice, recommendations
  • New sites: Provision of complete floor plan layout to the client Liaison with the building architects
  • Review of clients own plans
  • Advice to contractors 

Equipment services

  • Commissioning equipment including production runs in new facilities.
  • Equipment selection recommendations.
  • Designing and commissioning new equipment if required
  • Custom designed equipment
  • Assistance with equipment purchasing
  • Advice on new and used equipment suitability for purpose 

Financial services

  • Estimates of equipment, set up and building costs
  • Product costings
  • Assistance with the preparation of operating budgets
  • Estimates of equipment and set up costs
  • Product costing (single product) using spreadsheet with costing scenarios.
  • Multiple products costings 

Training services

  • Cheesemaker advice
  • In house staff training
  • Training advice
  • In house staff training at the time of commissioning 

Other Services

  • Advice on packaging and marketing, where appropriate
  • Dispute Mediation over product quality issues