Neil Willman

Hello and welcome. 

I have spent my entire working life in the dairy industry.  I was raised on a dairy farm In the 1950s and then worked on the farm whilst growing up.  After leaving high school I studied Dairy Technology at Gilbert Chandler Institute of Dairy Technology in city of Werribee, Victoria, Australia. 
I worked with Murray Goulburn co-op in Australia for 5 years before returning to Gilbert Chandler to work.  I worked in research, extension and then finally education and consulting.  For 25 years I was responsible for training most of Australia's specialty cheesemakers. 

At the end of 2009 I moved to New Zealand as Principal and Director of the New Zealand Cheese School.  I oversee all training programs and deliver the industry training courses. I regularly return to Australia working on various projects.  

In 2016 I started working with an organisation on a project to assist cheesemakers in poor regions of Peru to improve their cheesemaking and methods. 

Feel free to browse the pages on my website.  Cheers!

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